Why should I plan in advance the purchase of my Funeral Monument?

Today, more and more people are choosing to plan their own funeral during their lifetime instead of leaving this heavy burden to their estate.

Pre-planning funerals and purchasing a funeral monument has three fundamental advantages:

The peace of mind that comes with knowing what you want when it comes to what you want and what you desire.
The comfort of knowing that your family will not have to make all the decisions about your funeral arrangements during this difficult time of mourning.
The assurance that informed and thoughtful decisions have been made regarding the supplier of the funeral monument, the choice and the costs. Pre-planning or pre-financing your funeral monument can be an important part of estate planning.

Whether you need additional information or want to meet a specialist with us, we are here to advise you without obligation and without any pressure from us. This step will help you make a more informed decision about  Funeral Monument for the family lot.

The most important reasons why people turn to Pre-arrangements?

Almost 100% of people say they are very satisfied to have made the decision to plan their pre-arrangements, more than 95% would consider recommending it to someone else and more than 41% of respondents would even have already recommended pre-arrangements in two months after finalizing their own arrangements.

But why these results? Simply because pre-arrangement is a smart choice for consumers. Unfortunately, many consumers do not take steps to finalize their own arrangements - even if they think it is a good thing to do.

Below we have gathered the most useful information on why people decide to take care of their prearrangement while they are alive.

Their spouses

A large proportion of people are married or widowed when they finalize their pre-arrangements. We also know that people who are or have been married are more likely to plan ahead for the purchase of their Funeral Monument.

It is not surprising that more than 81% of people believe that the elimination of the emotional burden of the spouse is an important element in the decision to plan their pre-arrangements. More or less the same percentage believes that eliminating the financial burden is also extremely important.

These measures make a lot of sense. The average age of couples before a person dies is 73 and spent the majority of their lives sharing decisions and responsibilities with their spouse, it is wise for them to want to take care of their spouse after their departure by taking care during their lifetime of the purchase of the Family Funeral Monument and of his lot in the cemetery.

Their children

Among the most common pre-motivating factors, eliminating the emotional burden that our death will leave on our children and removing financial stress from them are extremely important motivators for pre-arrangements.

These motivations are often linked to another common reason why consumers decide to turn to advance arrangements - personal responsibility.

When we asked interviewed people in the past to describe their satisfaction with the pre-arrangements, they often said positive feelings that emerge from taking on an important charge:

   "I think everyone should do it so they don’t leave that charge to someone you love."

  "I'm so glad I did it."

  "I feel very good about it. I have no regrets."

The purchase of a burial plot and its funeral monument in prior arrangement is considered by many to be the immortalization of the love that we can have for our family.

Their friends

More and more purchasing decisions are based on the recommendations of a relative or friend. In fact, marketing experts estimate that word-of-mouth recommendations influence up to 50% of all purchases. Friends and relatives can have a huge impact on a consumer's decision to reorganize.

The recent loss of a friend or family member is also a common reason why people are looking into their own prior arrangement. At this level, we are present in the event that you need additional information or that you wish to meet a specialist with us. Each meeting to talk about the pre-arrangements is without obligation and without any pressure from us. Our goal is to help you make a more informed decision about the future purchase of your funeral monument for the family burial plot.

Their preferences

Personal preference also plays an important role in the consumer's decision to organize their pre-arrangements. More than 83% of people say that being able to choose their own funeral monument is an important motivation. In this way, they can have control over the choices of granite, design, lettering and other aspects that will make the funerary monument represent them well and the legacy that will be left for the next generations who visit it in the cemetery.

Also, many are motivated by the potential cost savings associated with making their own pre-arrangements. Buying a monument at the price of the day is an advantage. Some people compare it to: "It's like when you buy something on sale. You feel well. You save money. You are happy with yourself. You say, "I'm smart."