Frequently asked questions

1) How to choose the right monument for my needs?
With our expertise we can ask you the right questions to determine your needs and make the right choice for the purchase of your monument.

2) Are the regulations in the cemeteries the same?
It is important to know that each cemetery has its own regulations on the dimensions of the monument. There may even be different rules in the same cemetery but for separate sections of it.

3) Is it possible to change the color of a monument?
Each monument is customizable according to your needs and / or your tastes so we can modify the model of the drawing, the color, the size as well as the finish. Even the font used for lettering can be changed.

4) I would like to buy a monument where to start?

All you need is a call or an email so that we can assist you in your process. Our courteous and competent staff will be happy to answer all your questions and make sure you have the right information before continuing to purchase your monument.

5) I chose my monument how to know that my monument will be exactly as I wish?
Before starting the factory production of your monument, we will submit a plan to the scale of your monument including the chosen drawing, the size of it and the lettering to be inscribed. So you can have a very good overview of the final product. If you want to make changes to the plan we will do it without problem and free of charge.

6) I chose and approved the plan of my monument when it will be installed?
Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the production and installation of your monument in the cemetery. (It goes without saying that the foundation at the cemetery must be completed so that we can proceed to the installation of the monument on the lot at the cemetery)

7) Payment
The payment of your monument will be required only when it is installed in the cemetery. No deposit is required to proceed with the purchase of your monument.
***Except for exceptions.***