The Ultimate Best Memorial Plaque Design Guide 

Make granite plaque to keep the memory of a loved one alive. Our memorial plaque with laser engraving is both elegant and timeless.

Custom Memorial Plaque Crafted to Last!

For example, you can make a personalised memorial plaque that doesn't get rusty, fade or tarnish. They can be used outside for a long time.
In contrast to plain engraved plaques, plaques are truly three-dimensional and stand out more. The copy isn't rolled off like cast bronze plaques.
You don't have to wait for a quote before ordering memorial plaques. 

Your plaque is made in Canada and will have the best quality and price.
All our Memorial Plaques can be shipped to Canada & the United States.

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Garden Plaques: We have them.

Plaques for Memorials and Dedications are on the wall. Plaques for Boy Scouts.

You got your name from your father. You can make your own plaque. To order your plaque, use the tabs on the left.

Because we don't know what kind of material you'll be mounting the plaque on and what kind of screws you'll need, we don't include screws. This is because we don't know what kind of material you'll be mounting the plaque on and what kind of screws you'll need.

With Memorial Plaque Find Out More Our Plaques

If you're looking for a specific sort of plaque, there are a variety of options available from Memorial Plaques, all of which may be customised to meet your exact needs.

With a Celebratory Plaque Commemorate Cancer Survival

A clean bill of health is a very happy and celebratory thing for someone who has been through a long fight w1ith cancer. If you or someone you know has been through that, then you know what a great thing it is to get a clean bill of health.

Lifetime Spiritual Quotes

If you're looking for a memorial plaque, you're more likely to find one that honours someone or commemorates an event. A beautiful plaque with an old but timeless, spiritually uplifting quote would add to any home or garden and would be a great present for a loved one.

A Memorial Day Plaque to Honour a Hero

As a general rule, we tend to think that Memorial Day is the beginning of Summer. It's a time to get together with family and friends and enjoy a cookout in the fresh air.

Personalise Your Recognition Plaques

A Memorial Plaque sells a lot of different plaques that remember people who have died. You can make each piece as unique as the person you're honouring by making it to your own tastes and preferences. Below is a list of some of our most popular plaques. Remember that we can assist you to build a custom plaque for any occasion.

Garden Plaques

Dedicate a lovely outdoor spot like a garden or a tree to someone significant. In addition to being made of zinc, these plaques have a double-clear urethane coating, which means they won't turn green or rust from the weather. They come in 18",24", and36" stake lengths.

Boy Scout Plaques

To show how much the Boy Scouts of America care about service, solidarity, and leadership, they should be rewarded with beautiful plaques. You may make a Boy Scout Plaque honour an individual, a troop, a patrol leader, etc.

Familial Name Plaques

Our unique wall or stand mounts allow you to put these beautiful plaques anywhere you want. They come in silver or gold and can be put on the wall or on the ground. They put your name across the top. You can add heritage, the meaning of your last name, or poetic copy to your plaque.

Park Bench Plaques

They are beautiful public tributes that can be made in standard or economy sizes and in either brushed silver or brushed gold. Park Bench Plaques. They can be used outside because they are made of zinc that has been etched. They also have a layer of urethane on top to protect them.